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Since 2000, Michael Farley has been manipulating pre-existing sound and field recordings under the name the Beige Channel. At times, he incorporates live electric guitar with laptop for a more pop electronica sound.  Caramel Snow is his project for more conventional Pop/Rock songwriting.
His music has been released on Auricular, Chaotic System, Sound Works,, Throat, Bremsstrahlung, Cyclene, and his own Happy New Year Recordings, among others. His audio work has been included in broadcasts and exhibits of sound art in the US, the UK, and Europe.  His video work has been exhibited in Miami.

Farley's CD, Plain Vanilla (2004) was described as "fascinating…  hypnotic… an absorbing experiment," by The Wire magazine. Autumn Rain in the Yard (2006) was called "an excellent work of careful micro-sounding crackles, static hiss and all sorts of granular synthesis… a highly fine work," by Vital, and "strange, haunting…intriguing stuff," by Paris Transatlantic.

Michael has performed at some unusual venues, including the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Mildred's Lane in Beach Lake, PA, the International Computer Music Conference at Stony Brook University, NY, the Wave Farm in Acra, NY, and Mary Jane Leach's Brick Elephant in Valley Falls, NY.

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