Carol Genetti             

Considered by many in the experimental music underground to be one of the most exceptional performers to come out of Chicago, Carol Genetti is a vocalist focused on improvisation and the pure sonic exploration of the human voice. Her work is grounded in an almost inhuman extended technique, but also contains a mastery of vocal styles such as jazz and Bulgarian folk singing, creating a distinct non-verbal sound palette that has a provocative depth. Genetti has toured throughout the US, Canada, France and Germany. She has collaborated with many of the most powerful voices in new music, including Pauline Oliveros, Jon Rose, Michael Zerang, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Tatsu Aoki, Eric Leonardson, Yuko Nexus6, Kitamura, Toshi Makihara, Bob Marsh, Jack Wright, Michael Vorfeld and technology artist Andrea Polli. Her voice work appears on many cds including Hans Fjellestad's "Red Sauce Baby," "In the Eye of the Ear Sound Art Festival", and "Sounding Off" accompanying CD to the book of the same name. She has also released duet CDs, including "Animus" (Not In The Family) with Eric Leonardson in 1998 and more recently "In the Garden of Earthly Delights" (Spring Garden Music) with Bob Marsh in the fall of 2000. "Most recently, the Shattering" (recorded) CD documents Genetti's performances with a wide variety of national and international musicians at the critically acclaimed High Zero 2000 Festival.

"Genetti's wordless vocals dart and soar with an unforced flexibility. She effortlessly utilizes an impressive rang; leaping from warm, full tones to the highest creaks and lowest growls."
 – Michael Rosenstein, Cadence (March 2001)

"Genetti achieves an unreal quiet glitch that would send a lot of
contemporary electronic musicians running to re-program their software."
 – Michael Anton Parker

"Her elastic chords perform feats that seem nearly impossible. Genetti moans, shrieks, bleep, growls, blats, and produces an infinite number of indescribably subversive sputters."
 – Steven A. Loewy, All Music Guide (February 2001)

selected releases

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other releases

In the Eye of the Ear Sound Art Festival

Sounding Off

Animus (Not in the family) with Eric Leonardson

In the Garden of Earthly Delights (with Bob Marsh, Spring Garden Music)


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