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Seth Cluett (b. 1976, Troy, NY) is a composer and visual artist whose work includes photography, drawing, video, sound installation, concert music, performance, and theoretical writing. His pieces are an exploration of the role of sound in everyday life. Operating at the boundary between the auditory and other senses, his work engages sound's ability to be both collectively shared and distinctly personal. Many of his pieces investigate the acoustic signature of specific locations, where sound is experienced as an social activity (audio tourism), architectural property, or as geological process.

His compositions and installations are characterized by their minimal use of sine tones and drones derived from close-listenings to the urban and rural environment. His visual work uses found-objects, antique building supplies, and photographs; his sound work parallels this, often utilizing unaltered field recordings, found-sounds, and altered consumer electronics. All of his work is marked by a detailed attention to perception, specifically in regards to the role that sound plays in the production of a sense of place and in the experience of time. His work is documented on Errant Bodies Press, Sedimental, Crank Satori, BoxMedia, and Wavelet Records. He has published articles for The Open Space Magazine, Leonardo Music Journal, 306090, Earshot, and the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. For more information see

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