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[photography by Danielle Ricciardi]

This electro-acoustic improv trio consisting of Joshua Convey (bass), Stephen Fiehn (Guitar, CD players, Click Wheel), Steven Hess (Drums, Percussion) has been working together since summer 2004. Preview ep is a collection of 3 tracks, chosen from a series of improvisations, that took place at the bands rehearsal space between the months of August and December 2004. All tracks on the preview ep were recorded straight to Mini Disc using one strategically placed stereo microphone. The band is currently working on a full length C.D. that will include a collage of material recorded over the past year.

A 10" remix EP will be released in the fall of 2005 on the Nataural Anthemes label. Tracks on the 10" EP are remixed by Millimetrik and Casino Vs. Japan, and will also include short loops of the source material sent to each artist.

Related link: www.natauralanthemes.com

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