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peter smeekens, aka formatt, is an experimental composer and sound artist from turnhout, belgium.

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The very matter of sonic microscopy, pulling found sounds out of context to fully explore and adjust their hidden characteristics, never exposing light on their unpresuming origin, has become the driving vessel for investigating the extremes of auditory perception. His sound never stays silent till the last, yet squeamishly evoking timorous phrases that gradually coalesce around the subtle treasures of the soil. Fractured breathy analog injections, tilted from a scarcely asserted sonic palette, are decidedly adjustable, hovering forward yet peeling their modulated delays fully into the arctic backbone of resonating hollowness. Providing a few flirtations with fuzzy pulses and fluctuating watery plops, the frictional rhythmic resistance that comes drifting onto the surface is suspiciously dark in its corners of scooped-out complexity, as if the stark subtlety and finesse has fallen into the clutches of a hypnotic state of mind, mysteriously paying homage to imminent dub techniques, that fight like Kilkenny cats over evaporated sinewaves. Formatt's work tends to emphaze a schizophrenic structure, infusing the sound-clusters with highly deliberate analog patterns hence any potential sound grown to the surface gets seemingly restructured into the core of its faceless vessel.

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• extended : limited 3" cd on roborecords

• edito on grain of sound




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