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Gregory Taylor resides in Madison, Wisconsin, where he has hosted RTQE, a weekly radio/webcast program of electronic and experimental music for a lot longer than he would like to admit. He was involved in the cassette culture movement in the 1980s as both a composer and writer/critic (OP, Sound Choice, and Option), and has written more recently for Recording Magazine and Wired. He studied electronic music at the Instituut voor Sonologie in the Netherlands, and studied Central Javanese gamelan with Martin Hatch, Andy Sutton, Sumarsam, and A. L. Suwardi. His current musical work includes solo performance as well as collaborations with laptop virtuoso Brad Garton, extended Mandolinist Terry Pender, trumpeter Jeff Kaiser, percussionist Tom Hamer, and visualist Mark Henrickson. Gregory works with Cycling '74, a company that creates and distributes Mac OS and Windows software for audio, video, and multimedia innovators.


Although my 1980s cassette-only releases on Art Level recordings are all out of print, You can find a brief selection from them here. Four early recordings from the USENET cassette projects (several of which I organized and curated) in the 1980s are online here.

Dust Theories from Kim Cascone includes the DJ4'33" (that's me!) remix "ResidueBondage" 2003

From the Diary of Dog Drexel by The Scott Fields Enseble includes the remix "Medicated" 2004

Voiceband Jilt (c74 recordings) 2006

there(after) with Tom Hamer RTQE Recordings 2006

Remixes of various live performances by Brad Garton, 2004-2006

Amalgam Edits/Gamma Details from Palace of Lights' FLOOD series)

Amalgam: Aluminum / Hydrogen (Palace of Lights) 2007

The Desert Fathers: Coptic Icons w/ Jeff Kaiser (pfMENTUM) 2007

PGT: Temporary Habitations w/ Brad Garton and Terry Pender, Loochtone, 2008

A wide variety of PGT live performances are available here and here.

on Stasisfield:
Two Maps of Danaraja




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