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after a classical trumpet education, german musician jochen gutsch decided to play noise guitar instead and formed his first group, feedback recycling, in 1988. taking extreme grind-core as a starting point, his interest soon evolved into the weird time signatures of math rock. later he took melodies and harmonies on board, digging deeper into dynamics and song architecture. this approach manifested itself in many releases and tours throughout europe. after moving to sydney, australia in 2000, it became apparent that his ideas could not be realised in a common band format anymore, so he founded the much more flexible project hinterlandt.

the idea behind the hinterlandt project is to provide a flexible framework allowing a number of different incarnations of the same artistic persona. it may find its expression in electronic music (produced in solo mode as heard here on Stasisfield's platzhalter), live improvisations in ensembles of many musicians, written words in playful or invented language, solo vocal performances, and other media and artforms.

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