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John Kannenberg creates quietly reflective works in both image and sound that blur the boundaries between intention and accident. Using techniques derived from free improvisation, musical composition, field drawing, minimalism, cubism and abstract expressionism in their construction, his works deal with a wide variety of themes including time, nature, mindful contemplation, collection, the sonics of space and place, and the processes of both making and observing art.

John's work has been presented extensively worldwide, including appearances at the 2010 Hering Video Edition in Cologne, the 2009 Switch ON Festival in Kuala Lumpur, the 2008 Sonic Fragments Festival at Princeton, the FILE 2007 conference in Rio De Janeiro, the 2006 Soundwalk festival in Long Beach, the 2005 John Cage Musicircus at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and several broadcast appearances on Resonance 104.4 FM in London. His graphic score compositional work has been published in Theresa Sauer's Notations 21, and he has released recordings on the Crouton, Topscore, Grain of Sound, Retinascan, Earlabs, Furthernoise, Cohort and Why Not LTD labels. John has also been a long-time contributor to the Something Else radio program on WLUW 88.7 FM in Chicago.

Since April 2002, John has served as the creator, designer and curator of, an experimental music label and interdisciplinary digital art space presenting works by a diverse collection of artists from around the globe.

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selected releases

on Stasisfield:
Audio Tour: The 4'33" Museum
Chicago Aqua
Four Painters
"Still-life with Beakers, Water, Sand, Heat & Pop-rocks" on The Audible Still-Life : Sonic Planar Analysis 02

other releases

Gelidus [solo full length on Retinascan]

.point [data disc of mp3 audio + Quicktime video on Topscore]

Nexus [split release with Ian Simpson on Electronik Musik]

Folktales 1 - Lave [disc 3 of 3x3" release with Hal Rammel and Chris Rosenau on Crouton records]

compilation appearances

USA/USB [Shadow Puppet Recording Company]

Siemers Inter Pares Inter pares [box set, Retinascan]

FT+ [Crouton records]

star_6789 [Centuries Records]

Trees Like Torches [Electronik Musik]

mp3 releases

One Minute Vacation [Quiet American]

MFE EP [tiln 1.0]




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