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Jon Irving is an audio-visual artist working in the fields of ".microsound" or "post-digital" music and film/video/installation art. He studied experimental film and sound design at Portland Art Museum's Northwest Film Center and electronic music with composer Joseph Waters. In 2001 he joined the board of directors of the Northwest Electro-Acoustic Music Organization. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Jon Irving's audio work ranges from synthetic ambient soundscapes to imagined architectural audio spaces, digital compositions using field recordings and found sounds as source material to consciously using "errors" in the realization of a sound work. His work has been presented at online sound art exhibitions, Everett Station Galleries (pdx) and he has performed with the likes of Twine, Sawako Kato, and Frank Niehusmann. In addition to live performance and installation work, he continues to record limited 3" cdr self-releases.

Jon is also a member of i+o, a performance duo that includes visual artist Julie Orser.

selected releases

on Stasisfield:
• "ariadne" on sonic planar analysis :: 01
• "The Dead Air Spaces" [with i+o] on The Audible Still-Life : Sonic Planar Analysis 02

other releases

new work by jon irving (2001) (3" cdr limited self-release)




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