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Dale Lloyd is a composer, producer, musician, and label owner who has been involved with sound in some capacity for over ten years. Since 2001, he has been running and/OAR, a recording label mostly dedicated to various kinds of environmental recordings, other kinds of sound documents, and electroacoustic works, as well as producing the compilations for phonography.org, an internet based interest group devoted to field recording, as well as other kinds of sound recording that requires the use of devices other than standard types of microphones (such as piezo discs, hydrophones, geophones, etc) in order to capture specific types of sounds not readily heard by the average human ear.

Since 2000, the sound work of Dale Lloyd has shifted from quiet and restrained to mercurial and amorphic. From slow and textural to moderately paced abstrations. Even at their most abstract, a transparent pacing seems to hold everything together. This perhaps is due to his long background as a drummer in various rock groups.

Aside from releasing works on and/OAR, Dale has also had (or will have) sound work released through labels such as Alluvial Recordings, Staalplaat/Open Circuit, Praxis, s'agita recordings, Bremsstrahlung Recordings, Mu Label, Sonic Arts Network,Throat, World Domination/AE, CZ Records, Tiramizu, Mystery Sea, leeraum, Accretions, Shadow Puppet Recording Company, and has had pieces and field recordings featured on compilations with those of a diverse list of artists such as Yannick Dauby, John Hudak, *0 (Nosei Sakata), Eric La Casa, Kozo Inada, Bernhard Gunter, Richard Chartier, Marc Behrens, Kim Cascone, Merzbow, Aube, Main, Eric La Casa, Toy Bizarre, Ven Voisey, Francisco Lopez, Ronnie Sundin, Kiyoshi Mizutani, Matt Shoemaker, sawako, duul_drv, Michael Northam, Roel Meelkop, Akira Rabelais, Alvin Lucier, Toshimaru Nakamura, among many others.

Prior to 2000, Dale spent much of the 1990s involved in some capacity with critically acclaimed groups, production projects, artists, and recording labels revolving around less conventional forms of pop or rock music such as Lucid, Cindytalk/Bambule, Pram, Moonshake, and production project After The Flood (which in turn worked with), Labradford, WIndy & Carl, Bowery Electric, Steve Ball (formerly of League Of Crafty Guitar Players), Maxine, Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive), My Diva, Marc Olsen/Sage, Sky Cries Mary, among others. and while a member of My Diva performed live with groups such as Flaming Lips, Lush, Medicine, Sky Cries Mary, Sage, Love Battery, Jessamine, Common Language, Maxine, Bewitched (Sonic Youth spin off), among others.

selected releases

on Stasisfield:

turba / lateral minor

"Infuscation Study" in Sonic Network Analysis - Stage 02

"Palim_Genesy" in The Palimpsest Project version 2.0

other releases

Volatile And Fixed Principles

Aionios The Fundament
(Mystery Sea)

Elemental Dialogue
(s'agita recordings)

Ten Below
featured track: The Fabric Of Impasse
(Petite Sono)

A Call For Silence
featured track: Lobby And Lebeg
(Sonic Arts Network)

Another Kind Of Language:
dedicated to Andrei Tarkovsky

featured track: Smoldering Ardor

Lowercase Sound 2002
featured track: Fleeting Recollections Of The Snowplain
(Bremsstrahlung Recordings)


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