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Jennifer Logan is the director of the Los Angeles Sonic Odyssey and a composer of both electro-acoustic and instrumental works, exploring narratives and conceptual/visual analogies, composing works that are influenced by naturally occurring mathematical phenomena while infusing them with sensuality, spirituality and philosophy. She received Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in piano performance and composition from California State University, Fresno, and a Ph.D. in composition, with an emphasis in electro-acoustic music, followed by doctoral research at the University of Paris 8. Her primary mentors are Curtis Roads, William Kraft, Alejandro Planchart, Andreas Werz, and Philip Lorenz. She currently teaches composition, electronic music, music production, music business, and music theory at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Recent reviews:

Mark Swed of the Los Angeles Times: “enchanting”

Josef Woodard of the Los Angeles Times: “sonorous and sensuous”

The Journal for the Society of Electro-acoustic Music in the US (SEAMUS): “beauty of sound surfaces, structures, and lyricism.”

Huffington Post: “Controversial, uplifting, disturbing”

on Stasisfield:
A Different Quiet




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