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The LOST DATA Project features the live and processed sounds of original musical instruments designed and constructed by Hal Rammel. Hal Rammel plays homebuilt electroacoustic instruments. Jon Mueller and Jim Schoenecker, in addition to the electronics and percussion they favor in their work with the groups MOUTHS and Collections of Colonies of Bees, improvise with a variety of recordings provided to them by Hal Rammel, then manipulated and remixed through a variety of analog and digital processing.

Beginning as a series of solo recordings by Hal Rammel released by Penumbra Music in 2006 in a set of three 7” singles, the LOST DATA Project has expanded into an ensemble project exploring the manipulation of palette-generated sounds in small group improvisation. Past participants in the LOST DATA Project have included John Corbett (performance at Corbett vs. Dempsey in Chicago in 2006) and Lou Mallozzi (performance at Elastic n Chicago, 2007)

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