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Maikko has been developing his practice on electronic music for the past 10 years around such issues as a minimal approach and a relationship with visuals.

Maikko is one of the cofounders of the Otolab audiovisual collective laboratory in Milano, Italy. Since Otolab was founded (2001), his activity as an electronic music composer and performer has primarily been that of contributing to Otolab's audiovisual projects and live media performances.

Maikko has collaborated in a number of live media performances and audiovisual live sets which have been projected within the Otolab laboratory, performed or presented in different situations (social centres, auditoriums, art exhibitions, festivals, universities, museums) in Italy and abroad.

Maikko is also collaborating with drummer Cristiano Calcagnile in a drums+laptop improvisation duo.

Some of his unreleased pieces, livesets, remixes, etc, can be listened to on Otolab's web-radio.

selected releases

on Stasisfield:

other releases

Laptop blues Otolab, 2002

Polystatic Polarity records, 2003




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