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Composer, sound-artist, and phonographer Meri von KleinSmid was classically trained and educated in Western music and ethnomusicology. Her primary aim is to create work that challenges the listener psychologically, using a variety of approaches.

She occasionally collaborates with other artists, and has performed live on stage and radio. Her works have been included in festivals and concerts of new music globally.

She studied music academically since grammar school (flute and choir), studied with private tutors for piano and violin, and at the University of Washington and Columbia College in Chicago, studied theory, the history of Western music and ethnomusicology. She has been a collector of found sound since age eight.


selected releases

on Stasisfield:
Three Works

other releases

Ex Vivo [Mimeograph Recordings]

Searching for the Inverse Square [with Alex Keller - Mimeograph Recordings]




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