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microsound_00 is one of the monikers under which antonio dimitrov appears, producing static noise, drones, sinewaves and microsound in categorical digital computer combination.

based in skopje, macedonia, antonio is officially studying philosophy at university there, but is now more occupied with his CD-R label acid fake recordings and editing the label's webzine, fakezine [a zine about contemporary experimental music and [sub]culture]. He also writes in several other printed magazines, including Student Word, a student magazine where he writes from his early student days about his basic orientation - music and Border Art, which includes articles about contemporary approaches to art including net art/digital art/computer art/design. antonio also designs urbanmagazine, a magazine about urban culture, where he also writes about music and movies.

as 'acid fake design', antonio designs album covers for other labels. he also hosts two radio shows dedicated to experimental music on the underground radio station 'music radio channel 103'. one show, 'post global', presents works in all musical styles that fit the term 'post global music' including noise, glitch, microsound, post-rock, clicks and cuts, glitch house, microhouse and classic tech house. his other program, 'post global sound scape', is a mix program which mixes music from the aforementioned styles.

in addition to the microsound_00 project, antonio also works under the following monikers: every kid on acid (dark ambient), sound_00 (harsh noise, static noise, power electronics), every kid on speed (glitch, cut up electronics). under these various names he has released full lengths for pale_mother and its sublabel synthetic waste (denmark), 2 eps for other labels along with many compilations and remix appearances.

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