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Mou, lips! is the box containing the "open and vivid universe" imagined by Emanuela De Angelis and Andrea Gabriele. The sounding expression cinematize the human form. Breath, molecules of dailyness are the sounds reproducing forgetted, accepted, conscious dimensions of states. Significative nuances.... Both had their firsts significant approaches to sound really youth. While the '90s they matured experiences, even if differents, closer to musical "styles" and "genres", Emanuela in noise and post-rock (guitar, voice, computer) and Andrea in jazz (bass, double bass, guitar). Leaving these experiences mou, lips! decided to express sensations with the same youth approach of the origins, emancipated from schemes and styles. manipulation of free infatuating creative flow.


selected releases

on Stasisfield:
La Danza Della Seppia Rossa
• "5 Arance su Tavulo da Gioco" on The Audible Still-Life : Sonic Planar Analysis 02

other releases

peanuts and shells geometria [full-length on list]



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