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My Fun (Justin Hardison) is a musician and sound artist currently living in London. He has released work for a number of years under different names and more recently has been incorporating field recordings and the processing of more acoustic and natural sounds. With the aid of a couple of small microphones, sampling, and assorted software sound generation, My Fun aims to create narrative work with few restrictions on the final output of each release whether it be loose in structure or highly rhythmic.

selected releases

on Stasisfield:
Relocation E.P.
Sonic Network Analysis

other releases

• "Play In Case Of Conflict" Zeppelin 2004 Festival de Arte Sonoro exhibit, Barcelona

• "Holiday" 'Quotidian Assembleges Volume One'- Haltapes

• HIDDEN AGENT 'Spies Like Us' 12"- Careful

• COMMUNIQUE 'Kinetic' - Careful

• DYONIS 'New Day' 12" - Fragile/Transmat

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