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You can say it all started when my mother gave me a cheap plastic portable cassette recorder in 1977. I used to take it with me everywhere I went and do these little "pause button" mixes. I would record things in the car on a Sunday family drive, in restaraunts, in the park , etc. etc. Later on my mother bought me a "Sears" electric guitar and amplifier with wich I had no interest in playing in a conventional manner so I would sit in front of the amp and turn everything up to 10 and do crazy feedback stuff until I tired of it (or my ears could no longer take it). Fast forward to the late 1980's when I got into all sorts of experimental electronic music, free jazz, downtown N.Y. No Wave,etc. etc. I played in different "free noise" bands for a while but couldn't really find many people who were on the same page as me so I purchased a 4-track and began doing experiments with field recordings,guitar,&electronics. Eventually I started up a small cassette label called Jill*Off and began trading tapes with many people involved in the "home taping" scene of the early to mid 90's. I stopped the label in 1996 to pursue "higher education" and received a degree in audio engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in N.Y.C. When I finished school I began experimenting with computer music and field recordings and generally following what's going in on the world of technology. Things evolve so quickly that I just can't imagine how "computer music" will progress in the near future but I'm sure I'll still be doin' my thang...

selected releases

on Stasisfield:
careless with a cigarette

other releases

Mp3 releases:
Scarcelight Recordings
Antiopic "Allegorical Power Series"
CEC-Sonus project
Retinascan (Seimers Remix project)
Autechre Remix Xltronic
Quiet American
Microsound Stone&Ripple,Pi,City of the Future,& Klanghausen projects

Cd-r/Cd releases:
Retinascan- "New Directions in American Noise" Box Set
Shadow Puppet Recording Company- "Peachtree", "Thermo", "Live @ Akosm" cd-rs

Compilation Appearances:
And/Oar "Phonography.Org #4"
Quiet American "One minute Vacation"
Quotidian Assemblages compilation

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