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Terence M. Pender is a composer and musician whose interests range from contemporary multimedia-based works to Irish music and the mandolin. His works have been performed worldwide, including Japan, China, and Greece, as well as across the United States. He has composed for NPR, national network television, and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Lately he has been creating sound designs for large scale public art works with the Open Ended Group. Their work has been displayed around the world, including a 6-week display at New York's Lincoln Center last year as part of the Mostly Mozart Festival. He was the editor of Mandolin Quarterly, an internationally distributed magazine, and his music is published by NL Publications, Inc. He has been an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music and the Associate Director of the Computer Music Center at Columbia University for the past eleven years.

Brad Garton received his BS in pharmacology from Purdue University, where he also worked towards an MS in psychoacoustics. He eventually entered the graduate music composition program at Princeton University (studying primarily with Paul Lansky and J. K. Randall), where he was awarded PhD in music composition. He is currently a professor on the faculty of Columbia University, where he also serves as Director of the Computer Music Center. He is an active composer and music software developer, and has worked as consultant on the design and installation of computer music facilities throughout the world.

Gregory Taylor is one of that generation of visual artists who discovered that the process of using the recording studio as a compositional tool was more personally rewarding than waiting for the paint to dry and opted for a life creating imaginary cultural artifacts of an audible nature. He has studied central Javanese gamelan and electroacoustic music in the U.S. and the Netherlands, written for publications such as Wired, Array, and Option, and hosted a radio program of contemporary audio since 1986 ( In addition to his work with PGT, he has released recordings on c74, Palace of Lights and Stasisfield, performed and recorded as The Desert Fathers with Jeff Kaiser, and remixed artists such as Scott Fields, Kim Cascone, and BMB.con. He currently labors on behalf of the new media software company Cycling '74.

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