Chris Rosenau  

When Chris Rosenau says he will grow a beard, he grows a beard. Chris has very little patience for people who agree to grow beards, only to surreptitiously shave them off in closet sessions with neither photo documentation nor collection for subsequent incorporation into Jon Mueller's beard collection. Most of the people Chris has toured with didn't have beards. Some did. When on tour, he prefers to sleep on the floor, with a pillow that has the word "Mother" written on it in black magic marker. This specific pillow accompanies him on tour regardless of continent, distance, or inconvenience. Chris has played with and recorded all sorts of interesting people regardless of continent, distance, or inconvenience, as well. Some you might have heard of, some probably not. Most, again, didn't have beards either. Some did.

Chris has most notably contributed both fun and procrastination, as usual, to "Gie him strong drink until he wink, That's sinking in despair; An' liquor guid to fire his bluid, That's prest wi' grief and care: There let him bouse, an' deep carouse, Wi' bumpers flowing o'er, Till he forgets his loves or debts, An' minds his griefs no more.".

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Gie him strong drink . . .

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