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Sawako is a Japanese sound artist currently living in Tokyo. She received personal lessons of a piano and Nohgaku of Konparu style (a Japanese traditional entertainment) when she was a child. She entered Keio University (SFC) in 1998. From 1999, she was member of Christopher Penrose Lab (DSP/sound making) at SFC.

She has performed live in japan, usa, paris and london in festivals, clubs, art spaces and universities. In April 2002, she was given critical acclaim in the Italian magazine BlowUp, though at that time she had no official release.

She makes soundscapes graced with beautiful silences, the poetics of petite sounds, mixer feedback, computer processing, field recording, and the various sounds of her immediate environment. Almost paradoxical in nature, Sawako's music encompasses both deep contemplation and an arbitrary randomness of having absolutely no intentions.

selected releases

on Stasisfield:
3 stories
• "dd [dream of the dog]" on The Audible Still-Life : Sonic Planar Analysis 02

other releases

nana (2002.8 3"cdr from throat/usa)


•"karaoke a capella" (2002.6 on hypo's album from active suspention/paris)

•"try again" (2002.4 cdr compilation from tsunami addiction/paris)

•FILE SOUND ART #2 (2001.11 sound art magazine/UK)

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