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My sculpture and installation work involve creating invented spaces that challenge typical notions of orientation in space, confinement/extension of space, isolation, and the exposition of hidden spaces.  I make use of a wide variety of materials and media including video, mirrors, projections, string, wood, vinyl, crystals, light, and sound. The work develops into a "science of imaginary solutions" representing disjunctive ideas while simultaneously rejecting reality. It references a two-degree separation from reality with the intention of abandoning original scientific context; creating a para-scientific/a-logic world. My work is heavily influenced by and engages with scientific and mathematical principles in order to undermine and subvert them. I am also interested in thinking about the art object as a scientific/investigative tool, a way to give information but also receive information from the viewer. My interest not only lies in creating physical spaces but also receiving back from the viewer their experience of the physical space.

on Stasisfield:
The Sonics of Art Spaces
Dialectical Movements




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