Michael Trommer

Michael Trommer is a Toronto based producer and visual artist who has recorded for such top electronic music labels as Transmat, Wave, Truffle, Interchill, Nice'N'Smooth, Dragonfly, Ultra-Vista, Instinct, Impact, Liquid Sound Design and Dakini. He records under his own name, as well as aliases such as 'sans soleil', 'minidisco', 'Hydraulic', and 'Manitou2'.

Broad-minded in his approach to electronic music, Michael also creates gallery-based audio installation work. 2005 saw him creating a site-specific sound installation for Australia's 'Liquid Architecture' exhibition. Another of his recent works was a net-based audio-manipulation project which was part of the 'from 0 to 1 and back again' exhibition at Kunsthalle Schirn in Frankfurt; this became the subject of many radio specials on both Deutsche Welle and Hessischer Rundfunk. His work was recently nominated for the Prix Italia for experimental music. His field-recording based material has been featured on London's Resonance FM, www.vagueterrain.net, www.insine.net, and www.stasisfield.com.

As a live show, sans soleil was featured at the 2003 Movement Festival (a.k.a. DEMF) in support of Michael's full-length album on Detroit's legendary Transmat label.

Nominated as one of eye magazine's '10 talents to watch for 2006', the coming year promises to be busy. Release-wise, a 12-inch will be appearing on Toronto's Truffle Music in May, and a 3-inch cd of his field-recording based material will be released on Chicago's Oblast later in the year. Expect more installation work from Michael in 2006 as well: a piece based on Mies van der Rohe's Toronto Dominion Centre will be presented at the State Gallery in St. Petersburg, Russia in the autumn, and a site-specific field-recording based installation will be exhibited in New York state's upper Catskill forest (http://restlessculture.net/wildinfonet/ ) from the end of May. Michael is also regularly performing as part of the live electronic improvisation collective 'i/o'.


As 'sans soleil'…
Asprovalta e.p. (12"), Truffle Music
Special Movement Limited Edition Album (CDr) Transmat
Sans Soleil (CD) Catalog/Transmat
Dominical (12") Wave Music
Sunlines (mp3) www.phoniq.net
Digital landscape (mp3) www.vagueterrain.net

Tracks Appear On:
Time : Space_02 (2xCD) Streched Blue Oval, Winter Light, Sahara VHF, Catalog. Transmat

As 'hydraulic'…
Ekkocentric - The Ekko Remixes (2xCD) Nagin (Stop Naggin ) Interchill Records
Magnetic Blue (2xCD) Night Car Interchill Records
Magnetic Blue (3xLP) Night Car Interchill Records
Interior Horizons (CD) Vindaloo Interchill Records
Ambient Systems - Interior Horizons (CD) Vindaloo Instinct
Interior Horizons (CD) Vindaloo LSD - Liquid Sound Design
Sky Dancing - Nada Masala Vol. 1 (CD) Guidance 66 (Remix) Interchill Records
Sky Dancing: Nada Masala Vol. 1 (CD) Guidance 66 (Remix) Dakini Records
Sky Dancing: Nada Masala Vol. 1 (CD) Guidance 66 (Remix) Milan Records
Earth Octave Lounge (CD) Chewy Centre Interchill Records
Floorplay Volume 1 (CD) super gordini, Play Records
Phauna Remix (12") Naturally, Play Records
Impact Vol. 2 (CD), The Walking Man, Impact Records

As 'manitou 2'…
Metro Breaks: Selected Drum & Bass From Toronto (CD) Overland , Nice+Smooth

Selected Audio Installations…
TD path v.2, Autumn 2006, St.-Petersburg State Gallery, Russia and other locations TBA.
Wild Information Network, Summer 2006, Hartwick College, Upper Catskills, New York.
Liquid Architecture, Summer 2005, 'Incidental Amplifications', Brisbane, Australia
Intransitive, May 2005. 'TD path v.1', Kabat Wrobel Gallery, Toronto, Ontario.
Outskirts, September 2002, 'brb-b', Gallery 1313, Toronto, Ontario
From 0 to 1 and back again, August 2000, 're:audio-day', Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt, Germany

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