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BA in viola and composition from the Manhattan School for Music, MA from the Hebrew University Jerusalem, Israel in Cultural Studies. As violist studied with Michael Tree of the Guarneri Quartet at the Manhattan School of music and performed with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, The Berlin Staadtskappelle, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra amongst others. Also played with the Ensemble Inter Contemporain in France under Pierre Boulez recording with the ensemble for Deutsche Gramophone. As electronic musician participated in the year long cursus of the IRCAM institution in Paris 1999-2000. Between 2001-2002 was a guest of the DAAD Berliner Kuenstler Program and was composer in residence in Berlin. Since 2008 serves as Artistic consultant for the Israel Festival Jerusalem.

Between 2001-2004 was active in a group which he founded with video art collective Renegadez. With them created three different projects called Lounge Poetry, which fuse electronic music, video art with his poetry as installations and live performances.

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