When Stasisfield.com launched, it was easier to maintain a somewhat comprehensive page of mp3 links. Now, the following list is merely for suggestion; for more information, do a Google search for "mp3 software".

Software MP3 players for the Macintosh:
Audion Shareware
iTunes Free
MacCast Free/Shareware
xAudic Free
Software MP3 players for Windows:
iTunes Free
MusicMatch Jukebox Free
OtsJuke (DJ Mixer) Shareware
Sonique Free
Ultraplayer Free
WinAmp Free
Windows Media Player Free

Stasisfield's portable mp3 player of choice is Apple's near-ubiquitous iPod. However, there are several other good options available, including players by companies like Archos, MamboX, Nomad, Rio, and Sony.

For thousands of other choices, search Froogle.Google.com for "mp3 player".

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