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Label and Artist News [updated 29.09.06]
Soundwalk 2006 in Long Beach, CA / Glenn Bach solo exhibition

john kannenberg, Glenn Bach and j.frede will be among the artists exhibiting at this year's Soundwalk festival in Long Beach, CA. The event takes place over two days, October 6-7.

kannenberg will be presenting his Autumn Enso video painting as an ongoing video installation in the Dome Room. Bach and kannenberg will also be performing together on October 7 as part of Bach's ensemble, Intense Situations of Peril, which will also include Soundwalk organizer Shea M. Gauer, Marcos Fernandes, Helga Fassonaki, Lewis Keller, Jorge Martin, Joe Negro, Scott A Peterson, Noah Thomas and others TBA.

The full list of Soundwalk's participating artists and a schedule of performances can be found at the Soundwalk blog; information on past Soundwalks is available at the offical Soundwalk web site.

Bach will also be showing a solo exhibition that will include photographs, drawings, a slide show video with soundtrack, and a limited edition chapbook of found poetry. The details are as follows:

Glenn Bach
Atlas EVAD
September 30-October 22, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 30, 7-10pm
{open}, 144 Linden Avenue (at Broadway), Long Beach, (562) 499-OPEN

Wolfgang Peter Menzel Installation at Galleri Skådebanan
Wolfgang Peter Menzel currently has an installation on exhibit at Galleri Skådebanan, Linköping, Sweden. "Stilleben" opened September 23rd and will run through October 13.
Hinterlandt tour

Hinterlandt is going on a European tour starting this month. The dates are as follows:

29.09.06, Köln (D), Fucking Independent Festival
30.09.06, Bremen (D), Zakk
01.10.06, Berlin (D), NBI
02.10.06, Hannover (D), Kulturpalast
03.10.06, Hamburg (D), Astrastube
05.10.06, Fürth (D), Raum 4
06.10.06, Pescara (ITA), Ecotec
08.10.06, Roma (ITA), Traffic
28.10.06, Rotterdam (NL), Worm
31.10.06, Nijmegen (NL), Cafe Camelot
03.11.06, Köln (GER), Stereowonderland
10.11.06, Lisbon (POR), Bar Lounge
17.11.06, Hannover (GER), Café Glocksee

Label and Artist News [updated 19.04.06]
Neil Jendon video at Tense Forms

Neil Jendon has a new video posted at the Tense Forms website as part of their ongoing Muted Tones project. "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning" is a ten-minute ode to the power of war as a psychological and spiritual force. With a powerful soundtrack of manipulated guitar noise, this epic observation/protest begins and ends abruptly, giving the feeling it was either sliced out of a larger whole, or is acting as a metaphor for the abrupt intrusion war has on the lives of those involved until it ends suddenly without warning.

> "War is a Force That Gives Us Meaning" at Tense Forms

Andrea Polli interview at JavaMuseum

JavaMuseum's Wilfried Agricola de Cologne recently interviewed artist and composer Andrea Polli as part of JavaMuseum's Interview Project. In the interview, Polli speaks about her views on as a genre, the politics of the internet and how should be displayed in physical spaces.

> Andrea Polli Interview at JavaMuseum


Label and Artist News [updated 22.02.06]
"Gie him strong drink until he wink" live in Milwaukee

Please join
Chris Rosenau (acoustic | electric guitar)
Jim Schoenecker (computer | processing)
Tom Wincek (feedback delay | guitar)

for a live performance of their recently released piece on Stasisfield: "Gie him strong drink until he wink, That's sinking in despair; An' liquor guid to fire his bluid, That's prest wi' grief and care: There let him bouse, an' deep carouse, Wi' bumpers flowing o'er, Till he forgets his loves or debts, An' minds his griefs no more."

The performance will take place this Saturday, February 25th at 9pm at Jackalope Lounj, 343 N. Broadway in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward.

Admission is free to a public with an interest in drinking whisky.

Adding to the intoxication:
Cedar A.V.
Sols Afire

Label and Artist News [updated 15.01.06]
Fessenden new releases + live date

Chicago improv trio Fessenden have three new releases lined up so far for the new year.

Out now is "Capture/Create" CD on Entr'acte Records, a two-track release of live improv recorded straight to minidisc using a single strategically placed stereo microphone. The 5" CD comes in a die-cut wallet (see photo).

Two more releases will be out in March - Fessenden "Inside The Ice Factory" CD on Utech Records, and a xollaborative release with Keith Berry, "Resultat" 3"CD on Chat Blanc Records.

Fessenden will also be appearing live in Chicago at The Sound Art Festival, Links Hall, on February 12th.

More info:

> Fessenden on MySpace

Hinterlandt live dates

Jochen Gutsch, aka Hinterlandt, has some upcoming European live dates:

Hinterlandt live:

Thu 19 Jan 06 GER - Solingen - Cobra Kantine - w/ SlamWeJam
Sun 22 Jan 06 GER - Cologne - Boogaloo - w/ SlamWeJam
Sat 04 Feb 06 UK - London - The Pleasure Unit - w/ Gertrude + Soeza

> Hinterlandt on MySpace

john kannenberg live at The Spark Festival, exhibit at Gallery 400

Stasisfield founder john kannenberg will be performing at this year's Spark Festival in Minneapolis as part of the Spark Nightlife sets at the Nomad Pub. The set will be a 30 minute suite performance of last year's Autumn Enso release on Why Not LTD, accompanied by a newly-created video piece.

john's set will be part of the performance on Friday, February 24 at 10pm. The Spark Festival runs from February 22 - 26 at various venues in downtown Minneapolis.

A new site-specific work will also be viewable at Gallery 400 in Chicago during the next week. "See Who Salutes It: Tabula Rasa for Flagpole" is a blank, untreated stretched canvas hung on the Gallery 400 flagpole as part of Philip von Zweck's Temporary Allegiance ongoing exhibition.


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