To Download our MP3s:
1. Choose a release from our list of releases. Click on the release name or the small icon of its cover to see the release page.

On the release page, you will see a large version of the cover image. You will also see a list of that release's track titles. Included in this list are:

1] the track number

2] the track title

3] the time length of the track

4] the size in MB of the mp3 file

On the pages of releases that are currently offline, some of the tracks can be previewed. In the far right column, you will see a "30 Second Preview" button next to tracks that have a preview file available.

3. To download an entire track, click and hold (or right-click) on the title of the track. From the flyout menu, choose "Download Link To Disk" or "Save Link As" depending on what browser you are using. Choose a location on your hard drive to store the file, and it should begin downloading. Use an mp3 player to listen to the track.
4. To download the 30-second previews of offline tracks, click and hold (or right-click on a PC) on its corresponding "30 Sec. Preview" button. Repeat the process in #3 above, save the file to your hard drive, and enjoy.
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