The sixteen releases from our first year of operations have been taken offline. They are now available exclusively on Stasisfield : Year 01, an mp3 archive CDR featuring the following material as well as 2002's Stasis_Space exhibitions and Aux-In live sets, plus 25 minutes of previously unreleased material.

You may still view the packaging and track details of the releases below, as well as purchase a copy of Stasisfield : Year 01 in our Compact Discs section.

Grain Carol Genetti Single
Vocal piece released in conjunction with the Stasis_Space exhibition con|text
Seto Koura EP
micro.volume processed field recordings from Seto, Japan by Brian Labycz, aka Koura
_minus one ok.suitcase Single
Two tracks of ebbing granular manipulation, pulsating bass and crashing waves of synthesizers
Uh-Oh, Machine Reliable Sound Products EP
Solid set of electroacoustic tracks featuring fractured digital manipulations, plaintive synth drones and processed guitar
Seite Ian Simpson Full-Length
Soundtrack of exquisitely crafted electronic drones for an installation at the 2001 Numero Festival in Lisbon
3 Stories Sawako Single
Minimalist drones, manipulated field recordings, controlled bursts of white noise + delicate synth washes
ub_cus Josh Russell Full-Length
Three organic movements through a multitude of sonic spaces
Le Citta Invisibili George De Decker Full-Length
Digitally manipulated chamber music based on the book by Italo Calvino, originally commissioned for Belgian radio
A Wooden Bicycle Jon Mueller Single
A highly percussive track exploring notions of repetition and spatial acoustics
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