released nine sets of music in 2003, our second year of operation. These releases (excluding a preview track each) have been taken offline. A new mp3 archive CDR collecting these mp3s [re-encoded at 192kbps] as well as 2003's Aux-In and Stasis_Space releases [plus 90 minutes of bonus unreleased material and 100 desktop photos] is now available.

N-s Formatt EP
Stratified analog and digital textures from Belgium's Formatt
miles. john kannenberg EP
Five tracks of travel, nostalgia + adaptation featuring a combination of synthesis and manipulated field recordings
microsound_00 microsound_00 EP
A 9-section piece of continuously shifting planes of static, drone and microscopic sound
la Danza della Sepia Rossa Mou, Lips! EP
Quietly organic motion music, combining strangely familiar field recordings and subtle, atmospheric electronics
Diamond Finesse Glenn Bach EP
A hauntingly beautiful combination of digital leftovers, found art and the space between musical events
Platzhalter Hinterlandt EP
Gurgling blips, shifting drones, sweeps of radio frequency interference, fractured melodic passages and subtle bass lines
Good Friends We've Lost David Hahn Single
Electroacoustic elegies featuring works for cello + electronics and alto saxophone + electric guitar
Transparent Geometries & Close-Ups Thanos Chrysakis EP
An exotic exploration of deeply spiritual yet vaguely ominous ambience
Careless with a Cigarette Omnid EP
A calm, sustained immolation that gradually bursts into sonic flames
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