released ten sets of studio-based music in 2004, our third year of operation. These releases will be gradually taken offline as our current releases expand. A new mp3 archive CDR collecting these mp3s as well as 2004's Aux-In and Stasis_Space releases [along with exclusive bonus material unavailable on the Web] will be made available later in 2006.
Three Works Meri von KleinSmid EP
Three uniquely expansive tracks move from yawning blurps and shifting breezes through mysterious staccato bursts into a claustrophobic, menacingly calm coda
A Walk Through L Dan Warburton EP
An impressionistic composition utilizing field recordings made during a walk around Fairhaven Lake, Lytham, Lancashire, England on April 9th 2003
µc Elektronengehirn EP
Metallic sine waves, 8-bit percussive clicks, fountains of static, and cavernous reverb envelop the listener within a frostily biomechanical sonic landscape
Overlooks Kozo Ikeno EP
A stark collection of solo trumpet improvisations set in a variety of acoustic spaces
Stream Studies raemus EP
Suite of manipulated field recordings playing off different "streaming" scenarios creates a quiet meditation on movement
Retina Burn Andrea Polli EP
Intuitive Ocusonics controlling the soundwaves of the sun through eye movement, building slowly and deliberately through a series of sonic dilations
Relocation E.P. My Fun EP
Processed samples, field recordings and electronics conveying the excitement, frenzy and melancholy associated with relocating to a faraway city
Four Painters john kannenberg full-length
Sonic illustrations representing the visual works of Paul Klee, Agnes Martin, Kazimir Malevich and Cy Twombly
Kneedeep Maikko EP
Droning and micro.melodic rumination on loss and decay; a soundtrack for autumn
turba / lateral minor Dale Lloyd full-length
Two-part meditation of processed and synthesized alchemical sound
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