released ten sets of studio-based music in 2005, our fourth year of operation. These releases will be gradually taken offline as our current releases expand. A new mp3 archive CDR collecting these mp3s along with exclusive bonus material unavailable on the Web will be made available within the next year.
Prisma Ernesto Rodrigues EP
A densely-packed challenging trio of pieces for strings and winds mixing percussive noises with hi-frequency drones and expansive breathing exercises to paint a broad acoustic landscape.
Utopian Artifacts Micah Silver full-length
Two disparate electronic pieces combine to create a balanced whole, exploring two different sides of stasis: one plaintive, the other gritty and intensely spiritual.
Mirrors on the Crisis of the Moment Ernesto Diaz-Infante full-length
Solo acoustic steelstring guitar improvisations that examine political, social and economic concerns of the day through the use of Tarot readings.
Enchanted Mountains Thanos Chrysakis EP
Three "inscapes" which offer a stratified sonic exploration of mysterious landscape, from tiny details to yawning chasms.
Preview EP Fessenden EP
Electronic, electric and acoustic improvisations recorded live in the studio with a single microphone.
Vortex Vortex full-length
Trumpet and alto sax duo create a swirling mass of sound that ominously drifts around the listener.
Past Andromeda Peter Koniuto full-length
Piano, radio transmissions, percussion, drones set in motion and gently nudged into ever-changing relationships, like tiny objects floating in zero gravity.
Radiowave Goh Lee Kwang EP
Subtle tones, gentle hiss, staccato rasps and voluminous silences in an exploration of the transmission of radiowaves.
Chicago Aqua john kannenberg EP
Un-processed field recordings of water in public spaces throughout Chicago in the summer of 2005.
Hversdagslyd Jacob Ludvigsen EP
A series of short pieces of varying sound sources that progress through a variety of digital manipulation, ending all-too quickly in a fragile buzz.
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