released five sets of studio-based music in 2006, our fifth year of operation. These releases were the last before over a year-long hiatus. Releases began again in December 2007, officially beginning year 6 of operations.
Gie him strong drink . . . C. Rosenau, Jim Schoenecker, Thomas Wincek EP
A rich, robust musical stupor of processed guitars - a mellow malt for your sonic snifter.
Arches of a String Wolfgang Peter Menzel full-length
Minimal, repetitious acoustics evoke the interlocking forms of Islamic temple architecture.
Cataraqui Michael Trommer full-length
Field recording-based compositions that build in complexity and end with stunning vocals by Louise Petts.
Conservatoire Anne Guthrie EP
Beautifully crafted sonic architecture evoking movement and interaction within a challenging space.
A Walk Through D Dan Warburton EP
Another installment in an ongoing series of ambulatory field recording-based compositions, recorded in Domecy-sur-le-vault in Burgundy, France.
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