Stasisfield : Year 02
» Seven hours of digital music + video
» Nearly 90 minutes of previously unreleased music
» 100 previously unreleased desktop pictures featuring the best of Stasisfield's photo archives
» Can be played in most portable CDR mp3 players, or transferred to an iPod
» Hybrid Mac/PC CDR works on either platform
» MP3 bitrates upgraded to 192kbps
» Complete digital packaging for all releases
» Specially-designed HTML interface for accessing the files on your computer
CDR Contents

Contains every mp3 released by Stasisfield in the year 2003, along with 90 minutes of previously unreleased bonus tracks and 100 desktop pictures available exclusively on this CDR.

SF-2001 : N-s : Formatt
SF-2002 : miles. : john kannenberg
SF-2003 : microsound_00 : microsound_00
SF-2004 : La Danza della Sepia Rossa : Mou, Lips!
SF-2005 : Diamond Finesse : Glenn Bach
SF-2006 : Platzhalter : Hinterlandt
SF-2007 : Good Friends We've Lost : David Hahn
SF-2008 : Transparent Geometries & Close-Ups : Thanos Chrysakis
SF-2009 : Careless With a Cigarette : Omnid

SFA-002 : Live in Finland : j.frede
SFA-003 : Double Live Bonzo : Live in Chicago : Loam
SFA-002 : Live at Buddy in Chicago : Neil Jendon

SS-02 : The Palimpsest Project [version 2.0]
SS-03 : The Audible Still-Life [contains complete exhibition interface]

A Brief Survey of Stasisfield Photography One Hour as Compressed Time The Audible Still-Life Live

100 images from the Stasisfield photo archives, taken by Alessandra Gillen + john kannenberg and displayed as a digital exhibition as well as 1024x768 downloadable desktop wallpapers.

» View the contact sheet of all 100 photographs and download 6 sample desktops [below]:

60 minutes of musical improvisation and field recordings from the largest collection of ancient Mesopotamian and Persian art in the United States by Stasisfield founder john kannenberg.

» View the packaging and liner notes:

» Listen to a 3-minute sample
[2.7MB 128kbps mp3]

An improvisation by Neil Jendon and john kannenberg performed live in the studio and originally broadcast on Philip von Zweck's Something Else program, WLUW 88.7fm Chicago.

Featuring 26 minutes of manipulated guitar and effects, laptop electronics, hi-hat, Kaoss pad, water and Pop-Rocks.

» Listen to a 3-minute sample
[2.7MB 128kbps mp3]

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