urban archeology call for submissions

The World Listening Project is seeking submissions for the July episode of a new series of radio broadcasts, part of Patrick McGinley's Framework:Afield show on ResonanceFM, London.

July's episode theme is Urban Archeology:


Long-standing human settlements leave a material record of their past. Can this evidence also exist in sonic form? What soundmaking materials in urban areas contain information about past eras? What data exists in the sonic strata of cities?

From the sounds of resurrected, obsolete equipment, to the echoes of an ancient passageway, to the sound of footsteps treading the same ground others have walked on in ages past, urban areas teem with sonic history.

The World Listening Project is looking for field recordings and field recording-based sound and music compositions exploring urban archeology in all its forms.


Please submit SoundCloud links, Yousendit files, linked or attached mp3 files to:

John Kannenberg

EMAIL: john[AT]

Submissions must be received by June 18, 2010 in order to be eligible for inclusion in the program.


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