Source: The Original Recording

Listen to the original recording of my microphone drowning in the Birket Qarun Lake.

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The drowned microphone

Drowned microphone, November 8, 2010.

Wave 1 Remixes

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by Simon Whetham

Qaroon Lake
by Ola Saad

Threnody for John's Poor Microphone
by He Can Jog

Theory 2
by Yara Mekawei

I am (Not) a Walrus
by Michael Ruesenberg

The Hydrophone Fiend
by Mike Hallenbeck

Wave 2 Remixes

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After Karanis
by The Beige Channel

Afternoon Moeritherium
by Fosel

by C. Reider

In the Birket Qarun Lake
by Shinichiroa

Innsjoe Q
by Terje Paulsen

by Mystified

Wave 3 Remixes

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Heavy Waves
by Will Long

12 Kwarun 29
by Markus Jones

Qarun Hydrophone Death (Concretion Mix)
by Robin Parmar

Mer-Wer 1
by Hinterlandt

Fluctuated Level
by Anton Mobin

by organofqwerty

Wave 4 Remixes

Coming soon. Submit a remix of your own to help the project expand.

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Download the original recording (or any of the tracks from earlier waves). Remix it (no longer than 10 minutes per remix please) and send it to Stasisfield, either via the Soundcloud drop box below or a file sharing service like YouSendIt. Email to let me know you've sent a track. Thanks!

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Qarun Lake shoreline

Birket Qarun shore, May 19, 2010.