The fine print.

By downloading the mp3s on or submitting music or artwork for review, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions which may change at any time.

Creative Commons LicenseMusic hosted by Stasisfield is free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.

All rights to the music contained herein reside with the artists. Stasisfield makes no claim of ownership and artists are free to withdraw their works at any time.

Visual artworks displayed at Stasis_Space are copyright the original artist and may not be reproduced or redistributed without their permission. Works submitted to Stasis_Space are done so with the knowledge that the works themselves and/or any imagery associated with them may be used in promotional materials for is a non-profit organization. Submission of materials to Stasisfield grants us the right to display the works with the understanding that no monetary compensation for such will be offered or expected.

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