dude, kickin' live lps!Live records. Music fans either love them or hate them. While some see them as a necessary evil--a chance to pad out a recording contract with minimum effort--others see them as precious documents of an artist's relationship to their audience. But to us, live recordings have always been a guilty pleasure ... a chance to experience a concert by someone we've never actually seen live before, or a tour that happened before we were a fan. In short, they're the ultimate poseur's guide to musical knowledge.

Live albums had their heyday back in the glory years of vinyl, when you'd walk into your local Peaches or 1812 Overture and spring for a double-album with a gatefold sleeve, usually covered in tour photos (if you were lucky, they'd even reproduce a ticket stub somewhere in the artwork). You'd load the vinyl on your turntable, slip the sleeve into a protective plastic cover, close your eyes and pretend you were at the concert ... at least for the first 25 minutes until you had to flip the record over. Never mind that most live albums were heavily post-produced; for all intents and purposes, you were there.

It's this sensation of guilty pleasure that Aux-In seeks to reproduce for the online music world. You'll see tour photos, bombastic prog-rock-esque cover designs (down to the record wear on the 'sleeve') and maybe, if you're lucky, even a ticket stub or two.

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