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Selkie Songs (cover)
In 2014, longtime Stasisfield contributor j.frede spent time as the Artist in Residence on the sailboat Selkie in Scotland's Orkney Islands. While working on a drawing project, he made these recordings of the rigging and sails swaying in the breeze at night: melodious, melancholic siren songs produced by sails and sea, skittering shanties that skip across the waves.

Originally released 15.05.2015


The Muse and the Product by Phluidbox
[Our ongoing presentation of previous releases currently available on our series of MP3 archive CDRs]

Phluidbox presents a set of hand-crafted idm based around the theme of the art/commerce conflict.

from the Stasisfield : Year 01 mp3 CDR

Originally released 03.04.2002

Sonics of Art Spaces cover The Sonics of Art Spaces Glenn Bach, Christopher Delaurenti, Anne Guthrie, Mike Hallenbeck, John Kannenberg, My Fun, steve roden, Tau (Melissa Moore) Full-length compilation
Expanded version of an episode of framework:afield curated by Stasisfield for ResonanceFM in London, focusing on field recordings and field recording-based compositions which deal with the acoustics of art museums and galleries around the world
CIL cover CIL FOURM Full-length
While the technology-derived phraseology of CIL's track titles may be presented here in uppercase text, this is lowercase sound at its finest
Dialectical Movements cover Dialectical Movements Tau (M. Moore) Full-length
The sound of invented instruments in a hybrid art installation/laboratory context: an immersive - and quite literally experimental - sound world
Anywhere Out of the World cover Anywhere Out of the World The Lost Data Project Full-length
Hal Rammel, Jon Mueller and Jim Schoenecker live improv performance at the Haggerty Museum of Art
Two Maps of Danaraja cover Two Maps of Danaraja Gregory Taylor Full-length
MAX/MSP manipulations of a gamelan recording yield two ambient pieces of exquisite beauty
The Secret History of Karaoke cover The Secret History of Karaoke Archive (Mike Hallenbeck) EP
Superbly crafted ambient environments explore the secret history of karaoke
Dreamtime cover Dreamtime Veron EP
Hypnotic melodic electronics brimming with subtle textures and slow-burn hooks
Brumal cover Brumal Glenn Bach EP
Introspective audible journey through shifting themes of winter, transition and relocation
Extended Techniques cover Extended Techniques Thomas Wincek EP
Physical and digital performance techniques produce gorgeously melodic tracks from seven different acoustic instruments
The Lanthanide Series cover The Lanthanide Series Kalte EP
Winter-inspired buzzes and drones intertwine in a mesmerizingly thick blanket of static
Chamber_music_(1.a) cover Chamber_music_(1.a) Emmanuel Witzthum EP
Live performance of a score for acoustic piano paired with a live electronic re-interpretation
a position in equilibrium cover a position in equilibrium seth cluett full-length
Stunningly sparse live performance focused on droning sine waves – the central nerve in a system of sonic balance
Intermittent cover Intermittent Mise en Scene EP
A carefully considered audio camera captures a beautifully crafted dolly shot of cavernous sound
Recovery Room cover Recovery Room Dave and Ardai EP
Anyone in need of recuperation time would be well advised to keep these soundsof analog ambience and digital calm close by to aid in a speedy convalescence
Elementals cover Elementals mysterybear full-length
Technically sophisticated, aesthetically beautiful droning odes to the four primal elements of air, fire, earth and water
Nearing cover Nearing El Elrington double LP
Improvised, unedited saxophone improvisations: breeze through leaves, air surrounding branches
Wind Space Compost cover Wind Space Compost Craque EP
Home-built instruments, field recordings and synthesized drones are the source material for three explorations of improvisation
Home Brew cover Home Brew Goh Lee Kwang full-length
High frequency drones, bent bytes, buzzing synth lines and quiet melodies
23 Fountains of Beverly Hills cover 23 Fountains of Beverly Hills Scott Sherk EP
Field recordings from the land of privilege - the sound of money
Active Crossover cover Active Crossover Douglas Benford, Jez Riley French, Iris Garrelfs, Joined by Wire, Silver Stairs of Ketchikan, Alexander Thomas, and Simon Whetham double LP
Live duets featuring an array of sonic approaches
Audio Tour: The 4'33" Museum cover Audio Tour: The 4'33" Museum John Kannenberg full-length
Unmanipulated phonography of "performances" at museums around the world
Lazers! cover Lazers! Lazers! full-length
A multitude of approaches make each track a fresh experience, its own uniquely impermanent world of electronic improvisation
Sinter cover Sinter Eric Miller EP
Rhythmic suite of pieces that sparkle like distant star clusters
Vinculum (Courses) cover Vinculum (Courses) Coppice EP
A delicate mixture of bellows and processed reeds structuring subtle sounds within a thinly glazed concotion of sonic events and silences
The Nail House of Yang Wu cover The Nail House of Yang Wu The Beige Channel EP
Sourced from a field recording of the artist pulling up carpet tacks, the work balances foreground and void to create a swathe of atmospheric sonic events
Three Hours of Infinity cover Three Hours of Infinity John Kannenberg Multi-Disc
Three hours of unaltered meditative drawing drones excerpted from a one hundred hour exploration of the beautiful imperfection inherent within the human experience of the infinite
Wood Lake cover Wood Lake PGT EP
Sun-dappled, optimistic acoustic events captured, spliced, siphoned and sprinkled over the sound field, reflecting off pools of slow-moving ambient textures
Apparitions cover Apparitions Matthew Sansom EP
A lush collection of unearthly sounds; a suite of tracks whose serenity is balanced by a subtext of unease
Sombre nay Sated cover Sombre nay Sated Tattered Kaylor EP
Fragments of organic sounds brush up against pulsing synthesis to create a stark, flowing patchwork of multifaceted solemnity
Audio Tour: The 4'33" Museum - Collection 2 cover Audio Tour: The 4'33" Museum - Collection 2 John Kannenberg full-length
A tour through the remarkably diverse sonic experience of museums, from archaeology to Impressionism, sound art to sculpture, and Pee-Wee Herman to pinball
Absence sleeps between the buildings at night cover Absence sleeps between the buildings at night. Mysterybear full-length
Manipulated field recordings make up a beautiful harsh drone soundtrack for Gregory Kowalski's production of "Crave" by Sarah Kane.
soon cover soon ibi full-length
Debut recording of Collin McRae (violin, cymatic square, electronics) and John Kannenberg (percussion, electronics) delineating time and marking space in four improvisaed performances.
In Shadows cover In Shadows Mike Hallenbeck EP
A sonic illustration of the poetics and perils of unravelling the detritus of the past.
E. Andrillae cover E. Andrillae Gregory Taylor full-length
A suite that evokes the sensation of life underwater while bathing the listener in a progression of beautiful melodic lines.
Else(Where cover Else(Where Mminor full-length
Sourced from the Something Else radio show theme, its original 93 seconds sprinkled across more than thirty elegiac minutes – ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
A Different Quiet cover A Different Quiet Jennifer Logan full-length
A formidable sonic structure that acts as an argument that if there is no such thing as silence, then perhaps quiet, too, is a contrivance.
Some Sounds From The Multiverse cover Some Sounds From The Multiverse Gilda Manfring EP
A fractured, fragmentary archive of icons from the future via some of the sonic staples of yesteryear.
Selkie Songs cover Selkie Songs j.frede EP
Melodious, melancholic siren songs produced by sails and sea.
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